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Asian Horror/Extreme Icons

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Icons and graphics related to Asian horror/extreme movies.
Hello, there. This community is for the posting of icons, banners, and other graphics pertaining to Asian horror movies, or Asia Extreme movies in general. You can even post graphics that relate to any remakes of said films.

Anyone is free to join and post in this community, just as long as they are aware of the following rules:

RULE #1:
If you wish to take an icon (or several), please do not forget to comment and credit the person who made the icon(s), unless they state otherwise.

RULE #2:
If you are posting more than 3 icons/graphics, please use an LJ Cut.

RULE #3:
Do not take anyone's icon and then claim that you made it yourself. That is theft, and it will not be tolerated.

RULE #4:
No editing of any icons, unless a) the icon maker states otherwise, and b) you ask nicely first.

RULE #5:
Do not hotlink any of the icons you see here. Save the icons to your own computer and upload them to your own server. Thank you.

RULE #6:
Absolutely no flaming, trolling, or spiteful comments. Be respectful of one another.

RULE #7:
When making a request, ask nicely, and please be patient if you decide to do so.

RULE #8:
No off-topic posts/spam. At all. Any such posts will be deleted. No exceptions.

RULE #9:
Any icons/graphics featuring excessive nudity/gore/bad language must be placed behind an LJ cut and clearly marked with the appropriate warnings.

RULE #10:
Any icons containing spoilers must also be placed behind an LJ-cut and marked with the appropriate warnings.

RULE #11:
This community is for the posting of Asian horror/extreme movies (and their remakes) only - please do not post any unrelated icons. The only exception to this is if you are linking to a multi-fandom post (see the following two rules).

RULE #12:
"Fake" LJ cuts, or creating links back to your icon journal/community/etc. are allowed, as long as you do not disable comments on the post you make in this community. Also, I would prefer that you mention the fact that it is a "fake" cut somewhere in your original post, just to let other members aware of that fact - be appreciative of the fact that not everyone likes "fake" cuts, or unknowingly clicking on a link that will take them somewhere completely different.

RULE #13:
As stated in the previous rule, please do not disable the comments on the posts you make in this community. Not even if you are linking to another journal or community.

RULE #14:
If you wish to promote your own community, please only do so if a) it relates to Asian horror/extreme films, and b) you are posting graphics as well. If you create a post with only a community promotion and no graphics whatsoever, it shall be deleted.

Have fun, and enjoy the graphics! :)

This community was created and is maintained by aimznemesis.

Shameless pimpage:

- ihasacursedtape - a community for macros of Asian horror and/or extreme films. :P

- fear_the_icons - the moderator's shared multi-fandom icon/graphics community.
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